Eventful SchoolSync for Microsoft & Google - White paper

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Eventful SchoolSync for Microsoft & Google - Description

The ESS is the key to the system puzzle

Correct data in the right place when the customer needs it!
Eventful SchoolSync, (ESS), connects school systems, which leads to the organization being able to enter school information in a "master system" and thus avoid putting time and effort into entering the same information in several different school systems.

What is Eventful SchoolSync?

Eventful SchoolSync connects the student information system, (SIS), with various services such as Microsoft's School Data Sync, Google Classroom and other school services. The sync aims to increase data quality, comply with GDPR by reducing manual data handling, it creates and populates Google Classroom & Microsoft Teams.

What values are achieved with Eventful SchoolSync - ESS?

High data qualitySimplified administrationCohesive system puzzle

• Simplified data flows
• The same data in different systems
• No intermediate databases

Get an full overview of the information flow

• Enter data only ONCE
• Reduced time of administration
• Automated transfer
between systems

The information originates from
one central place

• A single login to several systems
• Tailor-made integrations
between different systems
• A hub in the system puzzle

A common point for

Why Eventful?
Eventful has solid specialist knowledge regarding Office 365 and G Suite for schools and can handle integrations with all of Sweden's school systems. Eventful has so far helped over 100 municipalities to set up, integrate and use Office 365 and G Suite with different school systems. The employees at Eventful have deep technical knowledge in cloud services and broad knowledge for school operations.

Eventful offers a hub for integrations

More time for the right things
- Eventful SchoolSync enables the business to devote more time to the school's core mission

Eventful SchoolSync for all systems
- One sync to several school systems
- Fewer sources of error
- High data quality
- Increased credibility before users

One sync for several purposes!

- The student information system becomes the hub of the entire system set-up and the information flows to other school systems
- The organization can easily offer users Single Sign-On
- Teachers do not have to manually create and populate Google Classroom & Microsoft Teams for Education
- Few databases and synchronizations offer relatively simple management

Digital ecosystem

- Just one sync from the student information system
- Reduced costs
- Simplified system overview
- Simplified management

Eventful has arranged so that we can, with our own student and staff accounts and with only ONE login, reach G Suite, Office365, our intranet and our school systems. Fast, flexible, responsive and with high competence, they develop solutions for our environment and we experience in every meeting that we are an important customer. They take great responsibility for delivered solutions and communicate freely with systems technicians, educators, school management and local IT managers.
- Stefan Jönsson, Children & Education Administration, Mark Municipality

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