Eventful SchoolSync for Microsoft & Google - Description

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Eventful SchoolSync, ESS, connects the student administration system, SIS, with various services such as Microsoft's School Data Sync and Google Classroom. ESS aims to increase data quality and reduce manual handling of data, it creates Teams/Classroom and popularizes them in Teams for Education/G Suite.

ESS consist several different modules that are connected to a set for each customer. The purpose is usually to synchronize teaching groups to Microsoft`s or Google's cloud services, but support is also available for a variety of other school services.

ESS can synchronize users, groups and schools as well as the user's role to both groups and schools.

System Requirements

General requirements
Depending on the SIS ESS can be run either from Eventful, or the service may be required to be run by a customer.

To be able to run ESS, the following is required of the environment from which the software is to be run.

  • Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, or Windows Server 2019
  • .NET Framework 3.5
  • Access to Windows built-in scheduler for scheduling synchronization

Requirements in customer environment
The following requirements must be met in order for Eventful to be able to provide support for the software and service ESS when it is run in a customer's environment.

  • Permanent remote access to the environment
  • Account administrator on the server software is installed on
  • Service account for scheduling synchronization (account with logon as batch job authorization)
  • Possibility of secure upload (https / port 443 must be open from the outside of the server)


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